Your road test date is fast approaching and you’re still having trouble parallel parking. Let Ace Driving School give you the confidence needed to pass your road test. We’ll help you practice the required exercises the NYS examiner is going to ask you to complete to pass the road test. During this course student will learn; Parking, 3 Point Turn, Stop Signs, Turns, Traffic, etc.

This course includes:
• Door-to-door service (we pick you up at your home, office, or school)
• Dual control late model cars


Requirements for this course:
• NYSDMV Photo Permit or Temporary Permit and NYSDMV Photo I.D.
• 5-Hour Pre-License Course Certification (MV278) or have completed a High School Drivers Ed.Course (MV285).
• Drivers 16-17 yrs old must have a 50-Hour Certificate (MV262) signed by a parent/guardian.
• Drivers 17 years old who have completed Drivers Education do not need to wait six months to schedule a road test.

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